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A Vision of Locusts


A beautifully written and compelling story of friendship, loss and the ultimate powerlessness of hate and revenge in the face of faith and hope. The book blends different cultures, families and life journeys into a search for truth which relies on spiritual insights given to unexpected people. Brave and unconventional, it is ultimately a triumph of good over evil through the experiences of two families when they become involved with a charming stranger. I would thoroughly recommend this absorbing story.

Deborah Jenkins

This is the sixth book by S.L. Russell I have read and reviewed. As a Christian, I am usually wary of books that have an overtly Christian theme, having read too many that follow a predictable course from crisis to redemption. There is nothing predictable about A Vision of Locusts, nor does it involve stock characters, but realistically drawn people meeting challenges and decisions any one of us might face. True to form, S.L. Russell weaves a refreshing and compelling story where realism, faith and compassion combine in a skilfully crafted tale.

C. F. Dunn

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