S.L.Russell lives in the UK, in a small village south of London, with her husband, currently one daughter, and her dog. Most of her writing is done in England, but researching, planning and editing also happen at her other home in France, especially in the winter when the large garden needs less attention.


Born in 1951, she was educated at Rochester Grammar School and Durham University, where she took a degree in history. After assorted jobs and a career in education she is now retired, but still active, playing her flute in a band, singing in a choir, and playing the church organ in both England and France.



She has been making things up and telling tall stories since childhood, but got going in a serious way some 15 years ago when friends challenged her to stop sighing and write the novel. The Leviathan Trilogy was the result, followed in 2014 by a stand-alone, A Shed in a Cucumber Field. These are novels from a Christian point of view, but different from any other in this wide genre that she herself has ever come across: about real people leading recognisable lives, acknowledging as well as its delights life’s dilemmas, disasters and drudgery, and offering instead of easy answers a compelling read that is also honouring to God.


S. L. Russell's work has been described as a genre unique to the writer. The author herself calls it 'realistic contemporary British Christian fiction for adults.'


To find out more about the writer and her life, you can visit her blog.