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S.L.Russell has been making up stories since childhood, but got going properly some 20 years ago. The Leviathan Trilogy, to her surprise, was followed by several more novels, of which The Wounds of Time (2022) is the ninth and latest. They

are written from a Christian point of view and aim to be honouring to God, but are neither preachy nor pious, but relatable, about people with recognisable lives, full of delights, disasters, dilemmas and drudgery (probably similar to yours and mine.) 

She has a degree in history and has done many jobs, including playing the piano in a ballet school, cleaning hospital wards, teaching English to adults in the Far East, and for the longest period teaching children with special needs. She is now retired.


She lives in the south of England with her husband and her elderly dog, and writes both there and sometimes in France, where the family has a crumbling farmhouse with a huge garden. 



To find out more about the writer and her life,  visit her blog.

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