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The Thorn of Truth


Having read four of SL Russell’s previous books, I was keen to read this one too. What I find so memorable about her writing, is her ability to create characters that stay with me long after I have finished the book. The Thorn of Truth is no different. I got drawn into the world of Anna and the moral, ethical and spiritual issues with which she is grappling. I was also delighted to see characters from SL Russell’s previous book The Healing Knife appear in this book as well.

Lynda Alsford, U.K

The Thorn of Truth is the second book in a short series of related stories. The first, The Healing Knife, had me so enthralled that I read it in one sitting. If you enjoyed The Healing Knife you won’t be disappointed with this new work. Although S.L. Russell writes in a genre I would not normally read, hers are books for which I gladly make an exception. Why? Beautifully written in an engaging style, her refreshing contemporary Christian novels stand out as authentic, realistic, sometimes gritty and always compassionate.

C. F. Dunn, U.K

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