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The Land of Nimrod

From the Leviathan Trilogy


Russell's Nimrod is not like any Christian book I have read. Her characters are real, sinful but working on their redemption. Take the time to read, to marinate in the profound truths found inside of it. This book is a gem, captured brilliance of ordinary people living the Christian life as best they can. I highly recommend it.

Anon, U.S.A

The last in a trilogy of truly inspiring and thought provoking novels, I have been moved from tears to laughter throughout the series. As a non Christian I was firstly dubious about reading "realistic Christian fiction", but it really was exactly that; realistic. Eileen, the main character, is not painted as a paragon of virtue but a normal human being with doubts and flaws; making the best of the hand she has been dealt. The author has an amazing knack of making the reader identify with Eileen whilst questioning their own faith and values.

Agatha Jones, Maidstone

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