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The Monster Behemoth

From the Leviathan Trilogy


In touch with humanity from the start, this tender portrayal of grief plays out against the exquisite details of everyday life. S.L. Russell has a rare grasp of language with which she intimately explores Eileen's spiritual journey, displaying a gentle humour which is sharply observed, and sentences that will make your heart sing. The lack of sentimentality and the attention to human fragility makes this a story that will not fail to resonate, and it will linger long after the final word.

C. F. Dunn, Kent

In S.L. Russell's sequel to 'Leviathan with a Fish-hook', Eileen continues her struggle to live as a good Christian and come to terms with her past. Another fantastic page-turner which will appeal to a wide audience. It's a gripping read leaving the reader eager for the next instalment.

Maureen H, U.K

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