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Leviathan with a Fish-hook

From the Leviathan Trilogy


It's not often that you can find Christian fiction of such quality. S. L. Russell brings her characters, especially Eileen - her central character, into the focus of human reality that is both absorbing and understandable. The book is free of easy answers or judgment but shows how many struggle with their own demons and the demons of others.

"Leviathan" is the first of a trilogy of books. I am looking forward to reading the next one.

John Bloor, U.K

This isn't a happy Christian story full of sunshiney joy where any brief pain is sorted out by the end to God's glory. Its a real story about real life, real sinful people and extreme emotional pain. However, it shows us how even at what seems the end of everything, God's restoration and healing is there, just over the horizon.

Elaine Todd, U.K

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